Burnout and Resilience in Healthcare Professional Practice

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"This course helped me move from a vague feeling of struggling, to being able to identify some key things that have changed and consider those changes over time, and how I can build and sustain a rewarding practice, where over the coming years I’m sure more stress and change and fatigue will occur. I don’t want to end up in a position where I feel there’s nothing left of me to give". Mel, Charge Midwife, Birthing Suite.

"I feel like this course gave me permission to share when I am feeling I am struggling. That internalising stress, guilt and concerns isn’t super helpful. It’s okay to consider my own thoughts and feelings and health as a priority". Trudi, Midwife.

If you are an exhausted disillusioned healthcare professional then you are not alone. Burnout is prevalent among us. It is so prevalent I think we are sick to death of hearing about it.

Feeling like we are just a cog in a broken system.

On an individual level though - it is worth thinking about - it is really important.

Maybe don't think burnout - that might be too hard, too depressing, too last year.

Think resilience, think thriving not surviving. And think...


Healthcare professionals work hard and have many different experiences as you well know.

Whilst most experiences are fabulous, some experiences are difficult. Long hours, stressful working conditions, and huge responsibility take it's toll.

The numbers are up there when it comes to Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in healthcare professionals - up there as in 60% up there.

The brutal truth and the fact of the matter - is that after spending time and money training for many years to enter a profession, along with all the sacrifices that you have made along the way - many of you will burnout out, fizzle up, and get so disillusioned that you leave.

Boof - over. Done. And that my friends - well that is a hugely disappointing waste!

Building resilience and healthy strength is an important part of maintaining a healthy, safe and enjoyable career. It is also part of being a competent and confident, capable healthcare professional.

But it is not intrinsic, it is learned, and it is practiced, and it is proactive. If professional resilience builds by chance you are lucky. More often than not it doesn't - you just get to the point of not wanting to do it anymore and leave. Or the self preservation and "resilience" we build comes in the form of resentment, cynicism and disengagement.

Join this course to investigate what it is you need in order to be a healthcare professional that is resilient and sustains the passion and joy, job satisfaction and life balance that we all deserve. Get strategies and support to implement habits that will make you stronger and happier.

We give so much care and respect to others - we really do need to give the same care and respect to ourselves.

So, join the growing number of healthcare professionals making positive change - before it is too late.

Get informed and equipped so you can both loves you career AND have a life.

Also, join us if you work in a team with others. Help those in your team that need a "pick me up and set me back on the right path".

Many thanks, we are passionate about this!


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Jane Townsend
Jane Townsend


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Many thanks


"Well researched/presented and not overwhelming. Digestible and nicely interweaves with personal accounts"

Amanda, Midwife

"This course provided deeper insight into burnout and recognising early warning signs and how I can strategise to create a safer, more sustainable practice. It helped me to feel less isolated in some of my own experiences and feelings thus far as a new graduate community midwife" Emily, New Graduate Midwife

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